Critical Materials SA is seeking a Technical Area Manager – TAM – to manage the Systems & Integration department.

Critical Materials SA is a technological knowledge-based company, based in Guimarães, providing solutions for diagnostic and prognostic (Structural Health Monitoring & Management systems, SHM) of critical applications of materials& structures across diverse markets (surface transports - automotive, railway - aerospace and defence, energy) and High Value Consulting in advanced materials engineering.

S&Int activities include responsibility for the design, implementation, testing and deployment of software systems and their integration with hardware, measurements and simulations. It is also responsible to give support to the other technical areas teams.

We want the best of the best. If you think you’re of this group, please submit your CV using our Contact Form or Direct Jobs Email.

[Ref 201801] Position Type: Technical Area Manager – TAM - for Systems & Integration - (One position open) M/F

Profile of the Successful Applicant

  • Have a degree (MSc /PhD) in a scientific or engineering field (Systems Engineering, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Informatics, Electronics, Mechanics or any other);
  • Have a strong interest in Computational Techniques for Real Problem Solving;
  • Have a systematic approach to the conception of complex systems;
  • Be open minded and ready to learn and explore new concepts and tools;
  • Have demonstrated experience in team management.

Mandatory Skills

  • Knowledge of Linux/Windows and system's modeling languages (UML/SYSML)
  • Knowledge on object-oriented programming (C++, Java)
  • Knowledge in software/systems development cycles, having experienced and managing all stages of development;
  • English Language (speaking, reading and writing technical documents);

Desirable and Useful Skills/Tools and technologies

  • Knowledge in working with distributed systems,
  • Savvy on various frontend and backend technologies (eg. Python, PostgresSQL, Large databases, angular.js, JSON, Bash scripting, …)
  • Experience in managing large volumes of data stemming from different sources
  • Using of different build systems, cross-compilers and continuous integration tools;
  • Knowledge of mobile programming is a plus:
  • Awareness of numerical methods and analysis; and experience implementing scientific computational algorithms is also a plus.