Critical Materials

Is a company focused in the development of solutions and products in critical applications of material systems and structures. Critical Material's PRODDIA™ is an innovative Structural Health Monitoring and management system with applications across several High Demanding Markets.

Critical Materials kicked-off operations in 2009 based on a joint vision of Critical Group and two researchers from the University of Minho / PIEP. Critical Group provides go-to-market support while the two individual founders contributed with a large experience in the field of advanced materials and structures.

The founders have 10+ years experience in research and development in the field of structural analysis and advanced materials development and applications in wide range of industries: aeronautics, space, automotive, energy and manufacturing. They have reference work with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, ESA, Simoldes, Plasfil, PSA, AutoEuropa and AMTROL ALFA, among others. The integration of a group of top researchers and engineers with varied experience in academic and industrial environments created a team highly skilled in providing integrated health & monitoring solutions to current and future challenges in our focus industries: Aeronautics, Space, Defence, Energy and Infrastructures.