Agreement will provide Pakistan Aeronautical Complex with pre-qualified, proven, and flight-ready Structural Health Management solution and Damage Tolerance Analysis state of art technologies.

PARIS AIR SHOW – JUNE 21,2017- Critical Materials SA (CMT), a company specialized in technology solutions for critical systems, has been proudly selected by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, through its local partner (TJ System Solutions) as a partner and solution provider for management and evaluation of the structural integrity of critical systems.

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex is a Pakistani aerospace, defense, aviation contractor, and military corporation,producing aerial platforms/systems for both military and civilian usage. PAC has the distinct honour to produce and export JF-17 Thunder single engine, multirole combat aircraft and Super Mushshak, basic trainer and ground support role aircraft.

Critical Materials is committed to provide state of art technology for the implementation of Damage Tolerance Analysis/ Structural Health Management (DTA/SHM) program for High Performance Fighter and multi role platforms.

The program is focused on the development and implementation of DTA/SHM procedures based on the state of art PRODDIA AERO 3.0 and its progressive implementation to High Performance Fighter platforms. The program will ensure enhanced operational availability by:

i) Improvingestimates of aircraft load counts and remaining useful life,

ii) Enhancing thesupport for Operational Loads Monitoring (OLM), Damage Tolerance Analysis (DTA) and Structural Health Management (SHM),

iii) Enabling the efficient management of dispersed and distant Assets for PRODDIA AERO 3.0 is implemented under a flexible and distributed architecture enabling a scalable solution for a large number of moving and distant assets.

We feel proud and excited to work with Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, an elite aviation Industry of Pakistan, involved in aircraft design, MLU, MRO, maintenance and R&D setup of military and civil aircraft in the region, to implement our state of the art technology for Damage Tolerance Analysis and Structural Health Management and subsequent diagnosis and prognosis of structural status” said Gustavo Rodrigues Dias, CEO of Critical Materials SA. “We look forward and feel honoured to work with Pakistan Aeronautical Complex on Structural Health Management and aircraft usage monitoring for their High Performance Fighter and other platforms.

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Guimarães, Portugal 31th May, 2017 – CRITICAL Materials S.A, proudly announce the latest release of the PRODDIA® Structural Health Management framework and associated applications.

This latest release of PRODDIA® sets a new standard for Structural Health Management solutions and strengthens Critical Materials position as the leading provider of advanced SHM Systems to the most demanding industries. This new release includes updates to the PRODDIA® industry specific applications:

  • PRODDIA® Aero – Structural Health Management for Aerospace
  • PRODDIA® W – Structural Health Management for Onshore & Offshore wind
  • PRODDIA® IS – Structural Health Management for critical Infrastructures

Enhancements in this release include:

  • New rainflow cycle counting – accurately estimate your aircraft load counts and control its remaining useful life. Explore your flight structural data and check in detail where during the flight the most loads are observed.
  • Operational modes enabling the integration of Damage Tolerance Analysis (DTA), Operational Loads Monitoring (OLM) and Structural Health Management (SHM) in one comprehensive platform.
  • Improved analysis features– now much easier to re-run algorithms on captured sensor data with adjusted parameters enabling more efficient what-if analyses and deeper insight into structural status.
  • New state of the art prognostic algorithms using Particle Swarm Optimization methods.
  • An extended Web service layer improving scalability and performance.

PRODDIA® is an advanced, scalable Structural Health Management framework that enables cost-effective deployment either as a strategic enterprise wide SHM solution or as a point solution to address specific structural hotspots. PRODDIA® is a deployable Structural Health Management system, capable of integration with equipment already in operation as well as new designs, providing:

  • Increased asset availability - PRODDIA® enables optimization of O&M operations based on real structural condition, reducing downtime.
  • Extend asset lifetime - Capable of monitoring type, location and damage severity of a wide range of product failure modes, PRODDIA® enables the prediction and secure extension of the structures remaining useful lifetime (RUL).
  • Significant reductions in O&M expenditure - Managing the structural status of dispersed and distant assets; enabling integrated planning of inspection and maintenance operations fully integrated with third-party O&M management systems.

“Structural Health Monitoring is one of the key enablers for the adoption of Condition Based Maintenance regimes for critical structures. By providing continuous visibility of the structural integrity of key assets, the PRODDIA platform reduces inspection costs, minimizes asset downtime and extends asset lifetime. This latest release of PRODDIA further strengthens our ability to deliver advanced Structural Health Management solutions to our clients in the aerospace, energy and transport sectors.” said Gustavo Dias, CRITICAL’s CEO.

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