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CRITICAL Materials selected by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex to Deliver Advanced DTA/SHM Technologies

June 22, 2017

Agreement will provide Pakistan Aeronautical Complex with pre-qualified, proven, and flight-ready Structural Health Management solution and Damage Tolerance Analysis state of art technologies.

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex is a Pakistani aerospace, defense, aviation contractor, and military corporation,producing aerial platforms/systems for both military and civilian usage. PAC has the distinct honour to produce and export JF-17 Thunder single engine, multirole combat aircraft and Super Mushshak, basic trainer and ground support role aircraft.

Critical Materials is committed to provide state of art technology for the implementation of Damage Tolerance Analysis/ Structural Health Management (DTA/SHM) program for High Performance Fighter and multi role platforms.

The program is focused on the development and implementation of DTA/SHM procedures based on the state of art PRODDIA AERO 3.0 and its progressive implementation to High Performance Fighter platforms.

More on http://www.critical-materials.com/en/media/press-releases

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