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PRODDIA© Framework 3.5 - launch -

April 03, 2018

The new 3.5 release includes updates for the PRODDIA® industry specific applications. Engineered for maximising customer value in specific domains.

Including the ultimate fusion of usability, easiness of deployment and advanced analysis algorithms for diagnostics and prognostics of advanced materials and structural systems.

PRODDIA® Framework includes the following products:

  • PRODDIA® Aero – Structural Health Management for Aerospace
  • PRODDIA® W – Structural Health Management for Onshore & Offshore wind
  • PRODDIA® IS – Structural Health Management for critical Infrastructures

Enhancements in this release include:

  • Added crack onset and propagation models, integrated in OLM and DTA workflows
  • Remaining useful life estimation fed by different operational modes
  • Operational modes with Damage Tolerance Analysis (DTA), Operational Loads Monitoring (OLM) and Structural Health Management (SHM) in one comprehensive platform.
  • Power Spectral Density method for loads count and monitoring
  • Better prognostic algorithms using Particle Swarm Optimization
  • An extended Web service layer improving scalability and performance.
  • Improved data storage and handling– facilitates greater interoperability and improved support for ISO 13374 (Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines).
  • Improved support for cloud deployment.
  • Data aggregation and classification based on Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.

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