ActiveFloor project aims to develop an intelligent and sustainable eco-friendly floor.

It is modular and fully instrumented in order to detect people moving through and interact with third party systems like: intruder alarms, domotic systems or interactive multimedia on stores, and to give space usage statistics to analyse areas where people mostly walk. The energy generated by walking on the instrumented floor is used to self -power the system, or to feed external power to low power devices. The majority of the material used in the construction of the tiles that compose the floor is recycled and environmentally friendly (cork).


Instead of having a lot of motion sensors to do some automatic task, an intelligent floor where is possible to spacialy locate people and give feedback to the house control systems (e.g. alarm systems, light switches, air conditioner, etc.) can seamlessly accomplish the same. On the services market, is possible to have maps of the most visited zones by the customers so that spatial dynamic usage of the store can be understood. On hospitals or clinics is possible to detect patients that move out of their bed unauthorized or that fall to the floor.


ActiveFloor comprises two kinds of tiles - Type I and Type II, a Concentrator module to handle the information coming from the instrumented floor, and an interface to the external system(s). It is possible to have complex layouts, combining the two types of tiles. All the energy generated on the floor is stored on the concentrator module. Additionally, this module gives external wired or wireless connection to external SCADA software, by standard protocols.


The innovative features of ActiveFloor are related to:

  • Invisible spatial sensing solution to replace current movement sensors and cameras.
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Reduced thickness of the instrumented tiles (16mm thickness).
  • Easy to install and to maintain.
  • Modular and scalable.
  • Energy efficiency extracted by scavenged the energy of each step on the floor.

Critical Materials has been developing the ActiveFloor core technology during the last years, with the support of QREN - Portuguese National Strategic Reference Framework - this framework allows Critical Materials to gain competences in the development of multidisciplinary projects and know-how on distributed sensing and on the development of industrialized, and marketable solutions and technologies.