R&D activities have been a part of Critical’s focus since the very beginning.

Critical Materials' commitment to applied research, present from its genesis, has provided for both new technologies and solutions but also very skilled personnel and beyond state-of-the-art procedures in advanced materials. It also reinforces the company’s mission to develop and supply innovative, dependable technologies for its customers.

The company also works in partnership with universities and R&D centres in applied research in order to continuously explore new ideas and technologies

Some of the most relevant R&D activities currently ongoing at CMT are:


The project aims at developing a proof-of-concept for an innovative structural health monitoring, SHM, system, based on the instrumentation/sensor technology and virtualization of the physical behaviour of critical components.


CMT is proud to be a Partner of Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative as a coordinator of Intelli-SHM project (JTI-CS-2009-1-GRA-01-009 project nº 255816).


The project aims to support the development activities of the company operations. Mainly on business development activities, training of staff members and on the development of the company’s laboratories.